About us

Amritash Ayurveda by Dr. Sachin Dua is an Ayurvedic and Yoga center located in Rishikesh, the holy city in India. With Amritash Ayurveda, our vision is to help people recover from various ailments and improve their mental health by incorporating the ancient Ayurvedic and Yoga practices into their life. We don’t only help you get rid of critical health conditions but also help you understand how to use these Ayurvedic practices as a preventive measure to stay away from negativity and diseases in the future.

Even though Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old healing science, it is still one of the most effective ways to fight diseases and boost overall health. Amritash Ayurveda by Dr. Sachin Dua is an initiative towards keeping the essence of Ayurvedic culture alive and help millions across the globe to boost their body’s immunity system and improve their mental health at the same time.

Amritash Ayurveda was started by Dr. Sachin Dua in Rishikesh as a center to practice the ancient Yogic and Ayurvedic practices. Today, Amritash Ayurveda is globally recognized by thousands of people as one of the best Ayurveda centers in India, while running several centers worldwide. Amritash Ayurveda by Dr. Sachin Dua is widely known for the quality Ayurvedic treatments that are conducted by qualified professionals.


With Amritash Ayurveda, Dr. Sachin Dua has focused on helping people boost their health and mindfulness by using an array of Ayurveda treatments. We ensure complete wellness through our practices and help you embark on a journey of living a healthier lifestyle. Some of Ayurveda treatment services include rejuvenating massages that burst stress and anxiety, Panchakarma cleansing treatment, and other daily meditation exercises. In addition to this, we also offer personalized programs to expose you to the world of therapeutic massages, detoxification techniques, and mind & body healing practices. All these services are exclusively performed by our experienced team of therapists, who have extensive knowledge of Ayurveda.