How Ayurveda Can Help You Boost Your Immunity

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The past three months have been a roller-coaster ride for the entire world. If you are following the news, you already know that Corona Virus or COVID-19 has spread like a wildfire in every corner of the planet. The number of infected cases is increasing day-by-day, making it extremely strenuous to control this apocalyptic situation.

Since no medication or vaccination is available to kill the virus, it is better to take essential preventive measures so that it does not enter your body in the first place. The only way to do this is to strengthen your immunity system so that your body becomes capable to fight the virus, should such a situation arise.

When it comes to boosting your immunity system, following the Ancient Ayurveda practices is the most suitable approach. Boosting your immunity with Ayurveda is no rocket science as all you need to do is replace your junk-meals with healthier food and implement effective daily practices to strengthen your immunity system.

Ayurveda and Immunity System

In the Ayurvedic culture, the immunity system is referred to as Ojas, which is concentrated in the Heart Chakra. It means when a person’s immunity gets weaker, his body will become vulnerable to various infections and illnesses.

As per the ancient Ayurvedic studies, the immunity system extends beyond the regular cellular structure of the body. Poor digestion and negative emotions also hamper one’s immunity power.

You may have seen that person who is surrounded by negative emotions such as hatred, anger, stress & anxiety easily gets infected by several ailments. It means that in the current situation of distress, it is extremely important to greet positive energy into your daily life.

Apart from this, eating healthy foods (mainly green vegetables and broths) can also help in boosting your immunity with Ayurveda. These types of healthy food items are easy to digest and also provide the required nutrition to the body. As a result, they boost the body’s immunity power, making it easier to fight several infections and ailments.

The immunity system also gets hampered when it undergoes a hyperactive state. It means that the body’s ability to distinguish between healthy cells and outside invaders gets disturbed, which eventually lowers the immunity.

In Ayurveda, this type of scenario is avoided by boosting the Tejas – Body’s Intelligence System. It is believed that Tejas is responsible for building an effective communication channel between different body cells so that can easily distinguish foreign invaders from healthy cells.  

 To enhance the Tejas power, it is important to eat light and easily digestible food items. Once Tejas takes its natural course, the body’s immunity power increases as well.

In a nutshell, eating the right food and staying away from negative emotions are the two key Ayurveda immunity booster factors that’ll help you improve your body’s ability to fight viruses and other infections.

Essential Immunity Boosting Tips to Stay Healthy

Here are some of the additional immunity-boosting tips by Dr. Sachin that’ll help you keep your body safe in this unexpected situation.

  • Sachin explains that it is not possible to fight the COVID-19 virus. The only way you can stay healthy is by having a strong immunity system.
  • To boost your body’s immunity power, make sure to consume an adequate amount of Turmeric, Giloy, Tulsi, and Neem.
  • Sleep plays a significant role in keeping the body’s immunity power intact. That’s why it’s necessary to take enough sleep, probably more than your usual sleeping hours.
  • It is extremely important to consume light meals that are easy to digest. Also instead, of eating 2-3 heavy meals, try dividing your food consumption to small and frequent meals.
  • Replace heavy food items (mainly junk food) with green vegetables and fruits. Try consuming milk at least once during the day.
  • Make sure to stay away from negative emotions. Even in this chaotic situation, try to stay positive and avoid stress at any cost.

Following these tips will make it easier to boost the body’s immunity power and stay away from infection at all.

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